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Rebates & Incentives


Electric Heating Equipment Rebate:

The member can receive a $600 cash payment for the installation of an energy star electric heat pumpsystem.The structure must receive electric service from Central Electric and each structure is limited to one rebate.

To receive your rebate, you must notify Central Electric Cooperative that you have installed an energy star heat pump system. A dedicated meter will be installed on your electric heat pump system so that you can receive a discount electric rate for the operation of you new heat pump system.


Energy Star Appliances Rebate:

Central Electric offers a rebate program for members who replace existing refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers or dishwashers with a new energy star listed appliance.

Refrigerators and freezers can qualify for a $100 rebate from Central Electric as long as the old appliance is disposed of and the new appliance is installed at a location served by the cooperative. Dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers qualify for a $50 rebate from the cooperative as long as the home has an electric water heater and the appliance is installed at a location served by the cooperative. Each member is limited to one rebate per appliance type every 10 years. 


Non-Residential Lighting Incentives:

Energy Efficient lighting incentives are available to commercial and agricultural retail customers of Central Electric Cooperative. These incentives are for replacement lighting systems only.

By replacing or retrofitting old or inefficient lighting systems, you could cut your lighting costs by 30 - 60 percent. Lighting technologies developed in the past ten years offer greater efficiency, better light quality and longer life span.


Low Interest Loan:

Low interest loans are available to qualifying members who are installing new electric heating equipment or are completing a weatherization project that has been recommended by a qualifying energy audit.

The 5% loan is available upon application from the member and approval by Central Electric's Board of Directors. The maximum loan amount is the lesser of $20,000 or 80% of the cost of the installation for up to an 84 month term. Collateral for the loan is required to be mortgage on the property. Minimum monthly payment is $50 plus interest.


Water Heating Rebates:

For more information on water heater rebates, view Pricing on our Water Heaters page.


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